This page showcases a list of things which help the author’s box turtle Pokey to live a more turtley pawsome life. It was created to help readers find the best products for their pets and give them a way to support this website financially. (As an Amazon Affiliate, the author of this website earns from qualifying purchases.)


Box turtles are omnivores and many, like Pokey, are very picky eaters. They should eat approximately 50% meat (worms, crickets, snails) and 50% vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Offering a wide variety foods is the best way to ensure that your box turtle gets all the nutrients he or she needs. Rachel feels that keeping a few packaged foods around helps ensure her turtle gets enough variety in her diet and that she always has food.

  • MAZURI Small Tortoise Diet was designed for smaller tortoise species, iguanas, and other plant eating reptiles, yet it is the first dry turtle food Pokey didn’t ignore. It has 20% protein, 10-15% fiber, calcium, phosphorous, and live probiotics to support gastric health.
  • Zoo Med Tortoise and Box Turtle FLOWER FOOD TOPPER is a flavorful treat that Pokey loves. The mixture is high in fiber (30%) and contains a little protein (8%).
  • Thrive Semi-Aquatic TURTLE DRIED TREAT is a blend of shrimps, mealworms, and crickets that is high in protein (55%) and low in fiber (7%).

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