Who’s Hoo? | Las Vegas Lucky Cat for Hire

Who’s Hoo (Episode 2 of Turtley Pawsome) is now online. This pet cartoon shows the funny business that ensued after Pokey and Harry learned mom asked her friend Hoo if anyone in Las Vegas is hiring a lucky cat during the box turtle and tortie cat sisters’ afternoon tea time. Click here to watch theContinue reading “Who’s Hoo? | Las Vegas Lucky Cat for Hire”

Who’s Your Favorite? Pokey the Box Turtle or Harry the Tortie Cat?

Episode 1 of Turtley Pawsome the vlog is now live on YouTube! Click here to watch Pokey the box turtle and Harry the tortie cat’s first tea party where Pokey wonders where her family goes without her and Harry protests the suggestion that she is mom’s favorite. This Turtley Pawsome video was created with realContinue reading “Who’s Your Favorite? Pokey the Box Turtle or Harry the Tortie Cat?”

The Las Vegas Adventure Cat Running for America’s Favorite Pet

If you haven’t been following us on Instagram, you probably don’t know that we moved to Las Vegas in June 2021 (shortly after posting our last set of stories here on Turtley Pawsome which suggested that Sin City would offer us the best odds of finding a way to play together for a living). AfterContinue reading “The Las Vegas Adventure Cat Running for America’s Favorite Pet”

Duh Birdy

“All duh coolest cats there,” Figaro shouted as his friends headed out. “Duh building look like giant pile of cat toys by lake. Purrfect place to park! Meowy lucky you fly boat.” His friends waved, but we’re too consumed by their music debate to respond.  Pokey had been a fan of classic rock as longContinue reading “Duh Birdy”

The ESA Box Turtle and Tortie Cat Decide to Work Hard

Cartoon by Rachel Hoytwith background photo by Roberto Nixon “Dat where duh lucky animals work,” Pokey said as they flew over the Hollywood sign. “What be work?” Harry asked, continuing to stare at Pokey instead of the direction she was flying the air ship. “Work like… watch duh air while fly! Is your job rightContinue reading “The ESA Box Turtle and Tortie Cat Decide to Work Hard”

Becoming Turtley Pawsome

Once upon a time, in a modest studio apartment within a semi run down neighborhood near the heart of a glamorous beachfront community, a beautiful middle aged single woman looked to the box turtle that had known her since she was a teen for comfort. “I wish you could cuddle with me,” she said, restingContinue reading “Becoming Turtley Pawsome”