Turtley a 1%er Meow

Harry took first place in her group on St. Patrick’s Day and moved on to the Quarter Finals of America’s Favorite Pet! This puts her in the top 1% of cats in the contest. Tomorrow night the #1 cat moves on to the semi-finals. Click here to cast your free daily vote for Harry – the tortie lucky cat poker mascot of Las Vegas. To learn why Harry believes she should win, watch the latest Turtley Pawsome vlog.

Who’s Hoo? | Las Vegas Lucky Cat for Hire

Who’s Hoo (Episode 2 of Turtley Pawsome) is now online. This pet cartoon shows the funny business that ensued after Pokey and Harry learned mom asked her friend Hoo if anyone in Las Vegas is hiring a lucky cat during the box turtle and tortie cat sisters’ afternoon tea time. Click here to watch the episode on YouTube.

♡ Dedicated to all humans named Hooman. ♡

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Harry is eating an Applaws Salmon loin. Pokey is eating dried fruit with flower topper – a sweet treat designed to stimulate her appetite.

Background music: Wings of Liberty by Evgeny Bardyuzha via Pixabay.

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Who’s Your Favorite? Pokey the Box Turtle or Harry the Tortie Cat?

Episode 1 of Turtley Pawsome the vlog is now live on YouTube! Click here to watch Pokey the box turtle and Harry the tortie cat’s first tea party where Pokey wonders where her family goes without her and Harry protests the suggestion that she is mom’s favorite.

Turtley Pawsome Episode 1

This Turtley Pawsome video was created with real life footage of Pokey and Harry’s first tea party. Here the box turtle and tortie cat sisters discuss where Harry and “meowmy” went in Las Vegas recently and debate which daughter is mom’s favorite. Subscribe now to make sure you don’t miss future funny videos of Harry roaming Sin City and/or enjoying a bit of funny business with Pokey at home.

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Turtley Pawsome is the creation of artist and writer Rachel Hoyt. Visit Homemade by Hoyt to check out her Las Vegas style art, jewelry, and more. Turtley Pawsome merch will also be available soon through the Homemade by Hoyt Etsy shop: http://www.homemadebyhoyt.etsy.com

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The Las Vegas Adventure Cat Running for America’s Favorite Pet

If you haven’t been following us on Instagram, you probably don’t know that we moved to Las Vegas in June 2021 (shortly after posting our last set of stories here on Turtley Pawsome which suggested that Sin City would offer us the best odds of finding a way to play together for a living). After many months of thought and deliberation, we compiled some funny videos to create a teatime pet talk show starring a tortie cat and box turtle which we hope will spread smiles and help your mental health. If things go as planned, the Turtley Pawsome vlog will eventually give us the opportunity to play together for a living while brightening your days with real life stories as fantastic as the fantasy tales we shared here in 2021. Harry is campaigning for America’s Favorite Pet to help us spread the word about Turtley Pawsome as quickly as possible and gain the fans needed to obtain permission to film her adventure cat experiences anywhere and everywhere we wish in Las Vegas and beyond.

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Turtley Quacked

Both Pokey and Harry knew they had flown past Buffalo when they reached Niagara Falls, but neither was quite sure what to do next. They circled around the waterfall and back over the rainbow a few times while pondering their plan. They agreed the town must be shaped like the animal, but had different ideas about how to spot the Buffalo. 

“Duh higher we gets duh more we sees,”Pokey explained. 

“You knows I loves fly out uh dis world, butts…” Harry paused as her gaze fell to a brood of ducklings following their mom into the river. “What iffs need be on duh water to see duh Buffalo?”

“You turtley just saying dat so we chase duh water birdies on duh way!”

“I not think I want mess with dat beak,” Harry replied, unaware they could hear her.

“It’s not a beak, it’s a bill!” The baby ducklings shouted at the air ship in unison.

“You knows Bills?!” Pokey and Harry landed the air ship immediately, with a bit of a splash. “Sorry,” they yelled. 

“We have bills,” the mother duck replied sternly. 

“Where you has him? We really need talk to Bills,” Harry explained. 

“You are talking to bills,” said the duckling at the end of the line. “I have a bill…”

“I have a bill…”

“I have a bill…” Each duckling repeated the phrase and touched its wing to its nose.

When it came mama ducks turn, she swam over to eye Harry close up. “We all have bills.”

“We all have bills?!” Harry was confused. 

“Actually, your sister has a beak,” mama duck replied. 

“Huh?!” Pokey was unaware. 

“What is you talking about?! We looking for Buffalo. You know… duh Bills?”

“Ohhhhh. Duh Bills. Yeah… we know Buffalo. We could swim you there.” Mama duck turned, shook her tail feathers, and they were off. With the current working in their favor, they arrived at their destination swiftly. Mama duck led her babies ashore and directed her friends to fly a bit further inland to the building that surrounds a big patch of grass. 

“Dis turtley not look like buffalo,” Pokey said as they landed.

“You seen Buffalo before?” Harry asked. 

“I saw them once in a movie…” Pokey began. 

“Not same thing,” Harry interrupted.

“And you is turtley sure how?!” Pokey didn’t believe her.

“The cat is correct.” A mouse had crawled up the side of the boat to find out who was invading his territory. “This town doesn’t have Buffalo in it nor is it shaped like a Buffalo… but that is a common misconception.”

“Miscuhhh… what?!” Neither Pokey or Harry had ever heard an animal use such big words.

“Nevermind that now. Welcome to Buffalo! What brings you here?”

“We comes to see Bills,” Harry replied.

“Sorry. They aren’t playing today,” the mouse said, looking confused.

“Bills plays for a living?!” Harry was shocked.

“Uhm… yes?” The mouse wasn’t sure why they didn’t know that.

“Dat turtley unfair.” Pokey looked extremely upset. “Why Bills get to play for a living and ma need find job?”

“Sometimes play is work and work is play,” the mouse replied. “Lots of people get paid to play.”

“How we help meowmy get paid to play? She meowy good at play!” Harry was eager to learn more.

“If dat true, why ma not get paid to play now?” Pokey was skeptical. 

“Some towns have more play jobs than others. Where are you from?” 

“Santa Barbara,” Pokey and Harry chimed.

“Ohhhhh. I see. That’s the problem,” the mouse paused as the girls leaned in close. “People there mostly serve the V.I.P.s… You should move to Las Vegas! The weather is a bit warmer but it’s not that far away… and there are lots of people who get paid to play there.”

“Dis is turtley brilliant plan! How you knows so much about all dees places?” Pokey began climbing back up to her perch so they could return home to tell mom their idea.

“I go where I want,” the mouse said, hopping down and scurrying off.

comic by Rachel Hoyt
with background by Linmarie5 via Pixabay

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No Pawlace Like Home

“Turtley does look like giant pile of cat toys,” Pokey said remembering their friend’s description. “Who tell you it look like pawlace?”

“Nobodies,” Harry replied, “but duh cool cats should have pawlace…”

“Turtley. I not see any cats. You smell dem?” 

“Day is there. Not smell barry cool dough,” Harry replied as the ship hit the water, softly floating towards the shore.

The Hall of Fame felines had been watching and listening the whole time, hidden in the shadows. “Who you calling smelly, tortiturd?”

“Who you calling tortiturd, fluffy farts?” Harry was shocked and defensive. 

“Shelloooooo…” Pokey slid down the balloon as fast as she could to mediate, releasing just in time to fall down onto her sister’s back.

“Meow!” The surprise impact of her shell was more than uncomfortable for Harry. “I hates when you does dat.”

“Turtley not sorry.” Pokey said, clinging to her sister.

The Hall of Fame felines crept out of the shadows to surround their visitors, but Harry didn’t actually want to get in a cat fight and stayed balanced on the edge of the ship looking down on them. “Is you duh cool cats we hears about?” 

“Ya,” they squeaked in unison. 

“Is you cool as duh Ryan Gosling?”

“Who dat? We cool like duh Beatles and duh Eagles,” the scruffy tabby cat replied. 

“Turtley haven’t met him but meowmy say she need be famous like duh Ryan right meow so Bills not make her work,” Harry explained. 

“Please?” The tabby looked confused. 

“You from Buffalo?!” A tiny white kitten squeezed through the crowd, staring up at her with awe.

“Does I look like buffalo to you?!” Harry sassed.

“Not duh animal, duh place. My purrents move to Buffalo with hoomans dat loves Bills…” the kitten replied with tears in its eyes.

The tabby hugged her close. “Dis your home. We is your family meow.”

“Yous no has hooman?!” Although she preferred being the only cat her family, Harry was shocked to hear that not all kitties have a human attending to their needs.

“I did once…” the scruffy tabby began, “but I spent one day on the patio alone… just to get some space… and my brother wouldn’t let me back in the house. It was like he completely furrgot who I was somehow.”

“Is called Non-Recognition Aggression Syndrom.” A giant orange cat that was lounging at the side of the crowd chimed in. “My sister kicked meowt. She say I not smell duh same.”

“How dat pawsible?!” Harry had never shown so much concern for another feline. “Why duh hoomans let dem do dis?!”

“Turtley uncool,” Pokey added. 

“My hoomans tried meowy hard to make brother be nice but he not listen. I sneak out while day was sleeping so day not stop me,” the tabby explained. “Day separate us so we no fight. Twas meowy lonely. Me no likee.”

“Dis happen to all of yous?” Pokey asked. 

“No. Most of us never had our own hooman,” the kitten replied. 

“Turtley not know so many kitties not have hooman…” Harry muttered, thinking about the porch under which she was born. “Sound like duh cool cats not know duh hoomans who can help meowmy…”

“We also comes to settle debate,” Pokey thought it was the perfect time to change the subject. “Sissy and I turtley been fighting bout dis fur way too long… rock or pop?” 

“Please?” The Hall of Fame felines tilted their heads in confusion. 

“Which moozak better? Rock or pop?” Harry’s mood was instantly transformed. 

“Dat meowy strange question,” the orange cat replied. “Why need choose? New someday be old and old become new again. Is same with moozak.” 

“Need choose so sissy and I not fight,” Harry insisted. “Dis place fur famous musicians? Day is rock or pop?”

“Day once like pop but now more rock,” the orange cat reasoned. 

“You guys is turtley not helping,” Pokey whined. “Bills is in Buffalo?” 

“Ya,” the Hall of Fame felines chimed.

“Purrfect! We use cuteness to control bills so Bills not control meowmy. How we find duh Bills?” 

“Is up duh pike at skinny end of lake. If see duh waterfall yous went too far. Good luck! We hear Bills is meowy tough.”

Harry took a quick cat nap while Pokey made her way back up the balloon. The Hall of Fame felines watched to make sure their friends got out safely then crawled back into the shadows. Harry and Pokey kept their eyes peeled for Buffalo, but flew straight past, unable to recognize the town.

Cartoon by Rachel Hoyt
with background image by Roselie

To be continued…

This story was inspired by the fact that classic rock music truly calms Pokey down when she is pacing her tank to show she wants to go outside. Since we have all been “stuck in our tanks” this year, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is just one of the many non-profit organizations that needs our support. Click here to visit their website to make a donation or plan a trip.

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Duh Birdy

“All duh coolest cats there,” Figaro shouted as his friends headed out. “Duh building look like giant pile of cat toys by lake. Purrfect place to park! Meowy lucky you fly boat.” His friends waved, but we’re too consumed by their music debate to respond. 

Pokey had been a fan of classic rock as long as she could remember. It was the thing that most helped her adjust to indoor living after her walkabout. She knew their mom had sung far more classic rock songs over the years but Harry refused to allow evidence from before she was born. “You is turtley too young to know duh best music,” Pokey muttered. 

“What dat?” Harry yelled. “I not too young fur nothing! Younger is better!”

“Turtley not true.”

“You just says dat cuz you old… but I went karaoke with meowmy and she a sucker for da pop. We bop to da pop. What more need know?” Harry began to bounce the ship around the air. “See? Dis beat meowy fun. Dis beat pop, not rock.”

Pokey was too busy holding on for dear life to protest. She screeched as loud as she could without loosening her bite on the rope, but Harry continued singing and “dancing” with the air ship to prove her point… until a Peregrine Falcon crashed into the edge of the ship during a dive, knocking itself unconscious. When it began to awake, Pokey asked, “Is you okay?!”


“We know you bird,” Pokey replied. “You okays?”

“B-b-b-bird is the word,” the Peregrine sang back.

“I thinks he broken,” Harry said, sharpening her claws. “I fix?”

“Stop dat! Dat fix nothing,” Pokey yelled. “Sides. I turtley sure he kick your butt. Is better be furriends.”

“Bird. Bird. Bird is the word,” the Peregrine sang.

“Purrhaps is broken…” Pokey began. 

“Why you say purrhaps?” the falcon asked.

“Shello,” Pokey said, a bit shocked the bird was suddenly speaking rather than singing. “Dan you is broken? Turtley sorry our ship get in your way.”

“Nah. I’m fine,” the Peregrine said, giving his tail feathers a little shake. “I always introduce myself like that. Why are you speaking cat? Cats say purrhaps. The turtles I know say per-snaps.”

“Purrhaps sister rub off on me more dan I thinks… or persnaps you knows duh snapping turtles.”

“Bird. That’s how you say it,” the falcon said.

“We both knows how to say bird…” Harry rolled her eyes.

“I meant persnaps…” the bird clarified. 

“Purrhaps what?” Harry taunted, but the Peregrine ignored her and flew up to perch near Pokey and talk privately. 

She watched and listened intently as the bird explained that only animals that purr and have furr say things like purrhaps and purrfect… “and they don’t have furriends. They have buddies.” 

“Fur reals?” Harry asked. 


“Why you keep using dat word?” Harry’s desire to hunt grew every time the Peregrine said it.

“Bird is the word. The humans have a song about it you know. Everybody’s heard.”

“Turtley. We heard. Dat why she asking why you keeps using dat word!” Pokey was getting irritated too. 

“I’m a bird. Why would I say word if bird is the word?”

The logic made perfect sense to Harry once she pondered it. “Okay. I gets but… is meowy distracting. Make me want to hunt duh birdies. Not you!!! Duh crows back home… and duh tiny tweet tweets. Day duh one’s I want hunt.” Harry shrunk in embarrassment. 

“Want to race?” the Peregrine asked.


“Absa-hootly not,” Pokey yelled. 

“You speak owl too?” 

“She speak turtle,” Harry growled. “How fast you fly?”

“Faster than you.”

“We see…”

“No, Harry!”

“Ready? Set? Meow!” The Peregrine dashed off like a rocket. Harry stretched and looked up at her sister. “I turtley tired of dat dude.”

“Bird,” Pokey mocked, sending them both into a fit of giggles that whisked the air ship to its destination. 

To be continued…

Did you know the Peregrine Falcon is one of the fastest creatures on the planet? It reaches speeds over 200 miles per hour when diving for prey. This amazing bird is a “threatened species” that needs our help to avoid extinction. Click here to visit The Peregrine Fund website and learn more about how you can support them.

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