Who’s Your Favorite? Pokey the Box Turtle or Harry the Tortie Cat?

Episode 1 of Turtley Pawsome the vlog is now live on YouTube! Click here to watch Pokey the box turtle and Harry the tortie cat’s first tea party where Pokey wonders where her family goes without her and Harry protests the suggestion that she is mom’s favorite.

Turtley Pawsome Episode 1

This Turtley Pawsome video was created with real life footage of Pokey and Harry’s first tea party. Here the box turtle and tortie cat sisters discuss where Harry and “meowmy” went in Las Vegas recently and debate which daughter is mom’s favorite. Subscribe now to make sure you don’t miss future funny videos of Harry roaming Sin City and/or enjoying a bit of funny business with Pokey at home.

Click here to vote for Harry for America’s Favorite Pet to show your support.

Turtley Pawsome is the creation of artist and writer Rachel Hoyt. Visit Homemade by Hoyt to check out her Las Vegas style art, jewelry, and more. Turtley Pawsome merch will also be available soon through the Homemade by Hoyt Etsy shop: http://www.homemadebyhoyt.etsy.com

Harry is eating Nulo Canned Wet Cat Food – available on Amazon here.

Pokey is eating a home cooked recipe which includes a healthy dose of Mazuri Tortoise Food. Subscribe and comment below if you want to see a “cooking with Pokey” episode of Turtley Pawsome which reveals the full recipe.

Note: We earn from qualifying purchases on Amazon.

Background music by Zakhar Valhala on Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/music/main-title-…

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