The Las Vegas Adventure Cat Running for America’s Favorite Pet

If you haven’t been following us on Instagram, you probably don’t know that we moved to Las Vegas in June 2021 (shortly after posting our last set of stories here on Turtley Pawsome which suggested that Sin City would offer us the best odds of finding a way to play together for a living). After many months of thought and deliberation, we compiled some funny videos to create a teatime pet talk show starring a tortie cat and box turtle which we hope will spread smiles and help your mental health. If things go as planned, the Turtley Pawsome vlog will eventually give us the opportunity to play together for a living while brightening your days with real life stories as fantastic as the fantasy tales we shared here in 2021. Harry is campaigning for America’s Favorite Pet to help us spread the word about Turtley Pawsome as quickly as possible and gain the fans needed to obtain permission to film her adventure cat experiences anywhere and everywhere we wish in Las Vegas and beyond.

Click here to vote for Harry for America’s Favorite Pet.

Click here to subscribe to the new Turtley Pawsome vlog on YouTube.

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