No Pawlace Like Home

“Turtley does look like giant pile of cat toys,” Pokey said remembering their friend’s description. “Who tell you it look like pawlace?”

“Nobodies,” Harry replied, “but duh cool cats should have pawlace…”

“Turtley. I not see any cats. You smell dem?” 

“Day is there. Not smell barry cool dough,” Harry replied as the ship hit the water, softly floating towards the shore.

The Hall of Fame felines had been watching and listening the whole time, hidden in the shadows. “Who you calling smelly, tortiturd?”

“Who you calling tortiturd, fluffy farts?” Harry was shocked and defensive. 

“Shelloooooo…” Pokey slid down the balloon as fast as she could to mediate, releasing just in time to fall down onto her sister’s back.

“Meow!” The surprise impact of her shell was more than uncomfortable for Harry. “I hates when you does dat.”

“Turtley not sorry.” Pokey said, clinging to her sister.

The Hall of Fame felines crept out of the shadows to surround their visitors, but Harry didn’t actually want to get in a cat fight and stayed balanced on the edge of the ship looking down on them. “Is you duh cool cats we hears about?” 

“Ya,” they squeaked in unison. 

“Is you cool as duh Ryan Gosling?”

“Who dat? We cool like duh Beatles and duh Eagles,” the scruffy tabby cat replied. 

“Turtley haven’t met him but meowmy say she need be famous like duh Ryan right meow so Bills not make her work,” Harry explained. 

“Please?” The tabby looked confused. 

“You from Buffalo?!” A tiny white kitten squeezed through the crowd, staring up at her with awe.

“Does I look like buffalo to you?!” Harry sassed.

“Not duh animal, duh place. My purrents move to Buffalo with hoomans dat loves Bills…” the kitten replied with tears in its eyes.

The tabby hugged her close. “Dis your home. We is your family meow.”

“Yous no has hooman?!” Although she preferred being the only cat her family, Harry was shocked to hear that not all kitties have a human attending to their needs.

“I did once…” the scruffy tabby began, “but I spent one day on the patio alone… just to get some space… and my brother wouldn’t let me back in the house. It was like he completely furrgot who I was somehow.”

“Is called Non-Recognition Aggression Syndrom.” A giant orange cat that was lounging at the side of the crowd chimed in. “My sister kicked meowt. She say I not smell duh same.”

“How dat pawsible?!” Harry had never shown so much concern for another feline. “Why duh hoomans let dem do dis?!”

“Turtley uncool,” Pokey added. 

“My hoomans tried meowy hard to make brother be nice but he not listen. I sneak out while day was sleeping so day not stop me,” the tabby explained. “Day separate us so we no fight. Twas meowy lonely. Me no likee.”

“Dis happen to all of yous?” Pokey asked. 

“No. Most of us never had our own hooman,” the kitten replied. 

“Turtley not know so many kitties not have hooman…” Harry muttered, thinking about the porch under which she was born. “Sound like duh cool cats not know duh hoomans who can help meowmy…”

“We also comes to settle debate,” Pokey thought it was the perfect time to change the subject. “Sissy and I turtley been fighting bout dis fur way too long… rock or pop?” 

“Please?” The Hall of Fame felines tilted their heads in confusion. 

“Which moozak better? Rock or pop?” Harry’s mood was instantly transformed. 

“Dat meowy strange question,” the orange cat replied. “Why need choose? New someday be old and old become new again. Is same with moozak.” 

“Need choose so sissy and I not fight,” Harry insisted. “Dis place fur famous musicians? Day is rock or pop?”

“Day once like pop but now more rock,” the orange cat reasoned. 

“You guys is turtley not helping,” Pokey whined. “Bills is in Buffalo?” 

“Ya,” the Hall of Fame felines chimed.

“Purrfect! We use cuteness to control bills so Bills not control meowmy. How we find duh Bills?” 

“Is up duh pike at skinny end of lake. If see duh waterfall yous went too far. Good luck! We hear Bills is meowy tough.”

Harry took a quick cat nap while Pokey made her way back up the balloon. The Hall of Fame felines watched to make sure their friends got out safely then crawled back into the shadows. Harry and Pokey kept their eyes peeled for Buffalo, but flew straight past, unable to recognize the town.

Cartoon by Rachel Hoyt
with background image by Roselie

To be continued…

This story was inspired by the fact that classic rock music truly calms Pokey down when she is pacing her tank to show she wants to go outside. Since we have all been “stuck in our tanks” this year, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is just one of the many non-profit organizations that needs our support. Click here to visit their website to make a donation or plan a trip.

Please leave us a comment if you know an awesome non-profit that deserves our support and help keep this journey going by purchasing Turtley Pawsome merch. Follow us here, on Facebook, and on Instagram to make sure you don’t miss the next story.

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