Turtley Pawsome

Turtley Quacked

Both Pokey and Harry knew they had flown past Buffalo when they reached Niagara Falls, but neither was quite sure what to do next. They circled around the waterfall and back over the rainbow a few times while pondering their plan. They agreed the town must be shaped like the animal, but had different ideas about…

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No Pawlace Like Home

“Turtley does look like giant pile of cat toys,” Pokey said remembering their friend’s description. “Who tell you it look like pawlace?” “Nobodies,” Harry replied, “but duh cool cats should have pawlace…” “Turtley. I not see any cats. You smell dem?”  “Day is there. Not smell barry cool dough,” Harry replied as the ship hit the…

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Duh Birdy

“All duh coolest cats there,” Figaro shouted as his friends headed out. “Duh building look like giant pile of cat toys by lake. Purrfect place to park! Meowy lucky you fly boat.” His friends waved, but we’re too consumed by their music debate to respond.  Pokey had been a fan of classic rock as long as…

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Everybunny Thinks We is Guys

“Fly safe you guys,” the squirrel yelled to his new friends as their air ship began to rise. “Stay fun dude,” Harry shouted back. “Why he thinks we is guys?” Pokey asked. “Purrobably he say dat to everybunny except squirrel. We not his type.”  “But turtley everybunny who meet us like us. Dat squirrel no like…

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